Unleash full power of visual advertising

Groundbreaking 3D visuals with stunning holographic effects

Encore Motions

Encore Motions is a pioneer in providing unique advertising space using HYPERVSN technology. We create truly eye-catching 3D holographic ads, designed to capture attention and spark emotions.


Unleash full power of visual advertising

Groundbreaking 3D visuals with stunning holographic effects


We partner with major shopping centres, airports and other attractive commercial space providers to deliver truly immersive experiences and bring a mind-blowing holographic technology into masses.

3D Content

Our designers work hard to create the finest designs right for your campaign. 

Your own logos and texts can be transformed into unique 3D visuals that truly captivate. 


We are an official partner of Kino-mo, the creator of HYPERVSN technology. With a holographic solution at our disposal, we are passionate about delivering it to the world of retail and beyond. 


Space to admire

Innovative 3D

Create captivating experiences with one-of-a-kind groundbreaking 3D solution

High impact

Bring immersive visuals with a stunning holographic effect and stay at the forefront of your industry

Large footfall

Engage audiences by delivering unique customer experience and significantly increase sales


Hypervsn™ is a cutting-edge visual solution for creating, managing and displaying your unique 3D video content with holographic effect. It uniquely combines a smart Hypervsn™ management platform and a Hypervsn™ projection unit, a hi-tech hardware device generating stunning 3D visuals perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms floating in the mid-air.




HYPERVSN projection units installed together make up a large billboard space to help you create an image as impressive as your brand is. Experience that people feel as much as they see.

Management Platform

With business in mind, we seamlessly manage all devices remotely. Once a wall is set up, we can create and schedule media campaigns tailored specially for you.

Use cases

HYPERVSN brings unparalleled business value to any industry helping you to undisputedly top the competition.


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